Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Man, time goes a lot quicker these days. Being intentional with my time at work, so that I can have good intentional time at home makes the day go by FAST!!! We're gearing up for our annual THE BIG SHOW where we appreciate our volunteers at church. With that added in, I've got construction projects, loops to build, meetings to hold, budgets to revise, new software to implement, and people to schedule! Man...I almost would rather pull my eyebrows out with needle-nosed pliers! But since that sounds really laborious and painful, I'll just work on getting things accomplished instead. If you're the praying type, send one up for me. This week is a crazy one!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ezra's Shopping Trip

Yeah so we've now graduated from putting the carrier in the basket to now just setting Ezra in it. He can look around and take it all in better this way. We went to the baby superstore Babies R Us. Man he's getting big!


Oklahoma City has really done some cool stuff with 1 penny on the dollar. Tulsa just lost on a river tax that would create some cool areas around the Arkansas river. Okc actually utilized their tax money to develop the river and revive their crumbling Bricktown region of downtown Okc.

I was in town with the family to lead worship for Lifechurch.tv's All Staff event we have monthly. Rachel, Ezra and I went and enjoyed a nice dinner along their canal and had an overall good time. Tulsa has some things that are a lot better than Okc but man....they really don't want to compete in this arena!

Nashville Bluegrass

So I've never really been that big of a bluegrass lover. Last night we went to a local club in downtown Nashville called "The Station Inn." I got to hang out with Todd Roy our Regional Campus Pastor, Brandon Frazier, and his wife Kacie. Good times. Brandon took us to this little place. At first I was a little afraid for my safety but that feeling quickly waned with the realization that we were surrounded with people that were a tad bit older than us. (Usually middle-aged people don't get all riled up and punch you in the ear.)

The place was old. I'm talking like, possibly condemning the building old. There were pictures of people that I didn't know at all. Then the band got up and started to play some face melting bluegrass. Well, bluegrass doesn't really melt your face as much as it twists it...mine at least. However, the guys in the band were freaking amazing! I've never in my life seen someone play a mandolin (wiki) faster than this guy. The band was comprised of four instruments: mandolin, upright bass, acoustic guitar, and banjo. They would take turns soloing which was nice. The waitress came by and asked what we wanted to drink, I asked what they had, she responded, "Beer." Hmmm, my choices were pretty limited. I did have a "thing of popcorn."

Okay, so to wrap up this post, one thing I noticed was that there is apparently some sub-culture that exists with bluegrass. The lead singer guy would impressionate some bluegrass legend and the place would erupt with laughter. They would call out songs written about other bluegrass legends and we quickly realized that we were mere observers in this event. We had no real point of reference to appreciate all that the singer was talking about. We knew we must be missing out on something big....not sure if we really wanted in but the music and the thing of popcorn were good.

My thoughts went to our church. How many times have I made someone feel like we did. Told inside jokes and dropped names as if the first timer would actually know what I was talking about. We don't have beer or things of popcorn. The best we have is McAlisters Sweet Tea and Krispy Kreme.....but hopefully the music is good!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Porn Sunday

I'm very excited about this weekend at church. We're hosting the National Porn Sunday thingy. XXXchurch.com has put together a nice expose on how porn is the "Elephant in the Pew" and is affecting our churches dramatically. If you would like to see this, you can by watching it on our website live on Saturday night and Sunday. Go to Lifechurch.tv (link) to watch the experience. Also, check out XXXchurch's website with great resources and information about the impact of pornography! (Link above)