Friday, May 30, 2008

I Actually MEANT To Go In There!

So we took a trip to the mall to use a couple of gift certificates. Rachel stepped into Victoria's Secret to shop...and so Ezra and I headed out to cruise the mall in his Eddie Bauer stroller. There were a lot of stores I could go into...which one do I choose? The Disney Store.

I know, right? What was this ex-baptist doing going into a Disney store? It was a giant Nemo stuffed animal at the back of the store. Ezra and I had a good time looking at all the giant stuffed animals, and I learned a thing about myself.

I have completely stepped into daddy-dom. I no longer felt the urge to stroll into the Sharper Image, now I was all about seeing what would make my kiddo point and smile. Good to know I've grown least a little bit, I mean I was looking at stuffed animals.

American Idol Fans....Anyone?

If you are a fan of American Idol, and happened to be watching this season. You might remember Alaina Whitaker, one of the top 24 finalists. Well, miss Whitaker attends our campus in Tulsa and since Alli, my normal BGV gal is gone on her honeymoon, I asked Alaina to sing.

So, be sure to come by this weekend, bring some friends and hear Alaina sing Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love....happy times to be had by all!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back From Vacation

I was on hiatus! Yes, the Henslee family took a little time last week to rest and relax. We took our annual trip to Orange Beach, AL and stayed at the Phoenix V condominiums. We love coming here each year because we can eat at our favorite restaurants and just unwind on the beach.

After the 15 hour car ride we arrived to some stormy weather. Not unusual for us being from Oklahoma, but a bit unexpected. it was cool to see the rain come in from 8 stories up!

I also decided to take a break from blogging while we were gone. Now that we're home, unpacked, and back at come the posts!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

He's A Golfer?

No, Ezra is not yet a golfer. I myself, have only been twice. (Need to dust off the clubs.) Today he spent a couple of hours with my running buddy Steve Harrison. I dropped him off and they watched the LPGA finals going on here in Broken Arrow, OK. He got a ball from some random ball-finder-washer-giver to little kids-guy. He wouldn't let go of it. Those are good to gnaw on!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Words

Our kiddo is saying a few words... Cool right?

Here they are:

"Dhaduh" (translation: Dad)
"Dhad-dee" (translation: Daddy)
"Mohm-mah" (translation: Momma)
"Toogee" (translation: Fugee, our dog's name)

He can also sign other words that he can't say yet:

Thank You
All Done
No (although for this, he just shakes his head)

So, these are the things that are stealing my heart lately. Thought you might want to know.