Friday, May 30, 2008

I Actually MEANT To Go In There!

So we took a trip to the mall to use a couple of gift certificates. Rachel stepped into Victoria's Secret to shop...and so Ezra and I headed out to cruise the mall in his Eddie Bauer stroller. There were a lot of stores I could go into...which one do I choose? The Disney Store.

I know, right? What was this ex-baptist doing going into a Disney store? It was a giant Nemo stuffed animal at the back of the store. Ezra and I had a good time looking at all the giant stuffed animals, and I learned a thing about myself.

I have completely stepped into daddy-dom. I no longer felt the urge to stroll into the Sharper Image, now I was all about seeing what would make my kiddo point and smile. Good to know I've grown least a little bit, I mean I was looking at stuffed animals.


Jeff Brame said...

Thats the great thing about that. The bigger question is did you try to speak whale when you played with him? Dude thats the great thing about having kids you have an excuse once again to play with toys.

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, I'm excited to give him my Hot Wheels car collection from when I was a little boy. I've got about 75 cars to give to him. That'll be an excuse to play with them again huh!