Friday, May 25, 2007

Tulsa Worship Podcast

Well, we're now podcasting the Tulsa worship on iTunes (wiki.) We started this week and will be continuing from here on out. Be sure to check it out here. You can subscribe to it and help us become one of the top downloaded podcasts.

Spread the word! If you like what you hear, leave some positive comments so that people will check it out! BTW it's all FREE! Yep, no purchase necessary! This is a free download that once you subscribe to will automatically update whenever we post a new one!


David C. said...

Does the podcast include your intro songs too? We don't use the I-Tones (sp?) much but we will for your outstanding Linkin Park rendition. Seriously, you guys did better than Linkin Park's own SNL gig. Well, you didn't quite get the vocal cord shredding yell down, and EZ's scratching leaves something to be desired.
I'm sure you get request's all the time, but we'd like to see your best Chris Cornell on an Audioslave track, unless you think you can pull off Zach de La Rocha, then it's got to be Rage.
Much love,

Derrick said...

Right now we're unable to do the walk-in songs with the podcast. We purchase a license through a company called CCLI that covers all the worship songs we do. The songs that aren't with CCLI require some other mechanical license. I'm not sure about all of that but maybe in the future we'll be able to get those songs on a podcast!

I appreciate the requests...Rage is good. I'll check into it!

Thanks for the comment!

Billy said...

I love this! Very cool buddy. I hate how it isn't the same :-( Maybe that means I need a better sound system!
You guys are fantastic! Thanks for all you do.

Derrick said...

Hmm, by isn't the same do you mean that it sounds different from song to song or from podcast to podcast? Let me know, we're still working on it and fine tuning the mixing phase. We just got some new studio monitors and that should help the mix!

Holla back!

Billy said...

"Isn't the same" meaning that on my imac it isn't as full as it is on Saturday night. Maybe I just need some snazzy ear buds and that will clear it all up!

Derrick said...

Yeah, I totally recommend some snazzy earbuds or even a really nice set of speakers with a powered sub for the iMac! Shure has a cheap (for Shure anyway) set of earbuds that are only $100. The E4's! Good choice.

billy said...

Are those the earbuds that you use---or are you more of the "nice set of speakers with a powered sub" kind of guy?

Derrick said...

Welllllllll, I use the Shure E5's with the iPod. These are the same earbuds that I use as personal monitors on stage. They're double-drivers so they have a dedicated driver for the low end and the high end. THEY SOUND AWESOME! Then I just have a 2.1 set up plugged into my laptop that sounds pretty good. (Altec Lansing)

But last year for my birthday, my wife let me beef up my truck's it sounds best in there!