Monday, May 7, 2007

Weathermen, the bain of my tv watching...

Well, spring is upon us and the storms are coming! That means that the weathermen get trigger happy and like to interrupt my coveted shows to warn us of some impending Hook Echo (wiki) that is about to destroy some puny town with 6 residents living in a tornado magnet (trailer home.)

Now, I know that I should care about the people, but when the fate of the world is at stake in Heroes, or Calel is about to stop the evil Luthor family from taking over the world, I really don't like to hear about the weather. At least not during the show, if they waited till the commercials...Derrick would be a happy boy!

I posted two pictures of our local weathermen that we like to watch. Dan Threlkeld and Jon Slater are meteorologists from competing stations. Both of them attend our church. This is where I have to realize that the weathermen are real people that are just doing their job. I have people that get mad at things I choose to do at work and write nasty blogs about me all in the name of selfishness. I seem to be in the same vein as them by getting angry at people doing their job if it interferes with my agenda!
So, Dan and Jon, interrupt away! I'll be safer for it, and I can always download the show...except for Smallville....that's sad.


Anonymous said...

Unlike weathermen, having you randomly break into my evening routine for an 'Emergency Experience Alert' would be a welcome momentary retreat.
And amazing job fighing the foo last weekend. My favorite into yet.
Are people really that critical of your contribution to the experience? If so, someone needs to get those people in church...oh, there in lies the crux. Well we love you and are counting down the days until the next mid-week worship night.

Derrick said...

Thank you Anon....

With such a nice post, it would have been nice to know who was being so kind. Yep, the very people who complain about the "edgyness" are the ones in the church! Weird huh? Thanks for the encouragement!