Friday, May 11, 2007

Why did I bring it home?

This is a bit of a follow up of my last post...well not really but it started in the middle of "the band" phase. Rachel was working her business from home *insert shameless plug *(Premier Designs Jewelry) while I was touring around the South in the band formerly known as Maple Street.

Rachel has always been an independant woman, but night after night of being alone and certain fears creep in. One day, at a church we had just played for, I was standing in the auditorium and in walks this kitten. He walked right up to me! Must've came in through the door propped open for loading in and out. The church was in the middle of nowhere and the kitten had no way to ID it. So, I scooped up the kitten, brought him home to my wife...and that is how she became a cat lover! ME! I DID IT!!!!! Here is Buddy The Cat.

Now this cat is pretty cool. He minds fairly well, although he's now displaying some not-so-fun traits. Namely, he pees on my stuff. Yep, if I leave my wallet out....pees on it. If I leave clothes in the floor....pees on it. Pees on the rug, certain bags...etc. Also, if he gets stuck in the garage all night, when you let him in he gorges on his food and immediately proceeds to yak it up somewhere not fun to clean, (usually my stuff.)

As cute as buddy is, we still didn't have enough cat hair to clean up. I brought yet another cat home from the ally at work. We think he may have some mental retardation due to the fact that he's super strong...but we're still testing this theory. Here's a picture of Mr. Bubs.

So, the cats are cute...but they pee on everything and I'm tired of cleaning up the hair they leave behind.
This may sound like a negative post about cats...but I really do like em. I'm just a little peeved for using my dry-cleaning money to clean clothes that they have messed up. Oh well, at least they like to cuddle.

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