Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Running It Off

So, I've been jogging lately. I try not to let it show from the pictures I post, but I've got what doctors like to call, a little bit of a weight problem. I get bear claws lodged...wait...sorry, I'll stop quoting Tommy Boy. Anyway, Aaron Swensen is our Lifegroups Pastor at the Tulsa campus. He and I became friends before he came on staff, when he and his wife attended our Lifegroup. He is an avid runner and we have been meeting in the mornings to run a 5K. Now, let's put some things in perspective. I have never figured out why people run long distances. I just found out that Aaron is training me to run the Tulsa Run in November which is a 9 mile run. SUCK!!!

As it is, we run the trail in Broken Arrow that weaves alongside the Creek Turnpike. This will help me on stage by giving me more stamina, allowing me to breathe better, and just plain get some of the fat off. So, here's some pictures of where we run n' stuff. Feel free to give me feedback or advice on my running skills.

Here's where we run...

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Billy said...

That is psycho. Do you walk the 5k or run it? Worship Pastors said...

Yeah, psycho is a good word for it. We've been running it, although, it's not the quickest run in the world!