Thursday, January 3, 2008

Man...the Dark Ages Are Terrible

Yes, all you PC owners go ahead and scoff. My MacBook died this week. I connected to our church network through the VPN and afterwards my laptop acted like a possessed version of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. So this has slowed my productivity down immensely.

Our office uses most Windows Office programs like Word and Excel very frequently. My personal MacBook had those programs, but the other Macs in the building don't. So I've had to get creative on how to do my work!

I have sent the beloved Mac off to Apple in hopes that I will have my music and files upon its return....please....oh please!!! Upon its return, I will go into a productivity frenzy...shortly after I spend a couple of days getting it set up again....*tear.

Who knew that so much of my work as a worship pastor relied on a computer. I feel like the office outcast, unable to communicate or participate in budgeting processes! Yes...the dark ages are indeed terrible!


Anonymous said...

I'm weeping with you, my fellow MacBook friend. I'll stand with you as those PC'ers scoff.

Derrick Henslee said...

I appreciate it Cindy B. It's as if you're drawing a line in the sand and saying..."cast the first stone." Almost like a dare. You're very Christ-like in that way!

Chris said...

this is why you just need to stick with pc! i haven't had any problems with mine.

Abbi said...

I JUST got my new Mac...I was the last in the entire Blinge to get one (I'm convinced it's because I'm female.) ;) So problems. The boys, however, crash theirs over and over again.

Apparently, good things come to those who wait. Hang in there!

Michael Harrison said...

Man was I blessed to be at Lifechurch with my big brother, Steve Harrison, at Christmas. Thanks for your time and your worship stuff as well. I have long enjoyed the sets from Tulsa. To stay on the issue....I wish I was a MAC day. Yet I see that even MAC people have issues that we PCers have. Oh well. Be blessed and I look forward to more chats.

Derrick Henslee said...

My tears have now I type this, my Mac is being shipped back to me. VERY EXCITE! Now I'll just have to spend a few days restoring everything to the way I like it. Thank you for your prayers and burning candles on my MacBook's account...if I could have annointed it with oil and not get it all sticky I would have.