Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Medicine Head!

I think it's the moisture change / temperature change that's been going on that has given me the funk. At any rate...this picture sums up how I feel. Normally I steer away from medicine because it makes me feel all disconnected and jittery. But today my boss Chris convinced me that MucinexD would do the trick. But, I'm still blowing the nose with Puffs Plus w/ Vicks Vapor Rub (thanks Aaron.) Oh, and I feel all disconnected and jittery. *cue camera and trombone and call me Debbie Downer.


Jeff Brame said...

Awww, poor Derrick Downer!! Yeah Mucinex should help greatly.

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, I thought about renaming my comparison to myself as Derrick Downer instead of Debbie. Thanks for confirming my mistake! I hope I don't look like Rachel Dratch!