Friday, March 14, 2008


You see, it all began when my son Ezra was crawling down the hall. I reached down, grabbed the back of his footed pj's and proceeded to lift him up and down, soaring around the house like a miniature super boy. That's when my back protested. (I didn't drop my son.)

So, after a couple days of pain, I gave in and went to a Chiropractor. Some of you out there in blogging world may approve, others may not. However, the experience went like this...

  • I arrived and filled out appropriate paperwork.
  • Was given once-over by Dr.
  • X-rays given
  • X-rays gone over with
  • Laid on bed while neck was snapped like in the movies when the spy kills some poor henchman silently so as not to be found out.
  • Had grown man laying on me while I was contorting my body and exhaling...weird huh?
  • Had electrodes or something of that nature placed on me and they proceeded to electro-shock my back
  • Laid on table while massage thing undulated my back up and down.
  • Paid money for it
So now I'm contemplating going back a few times. I did find out that I have ortho-arthritis in my neck. Hmmm, may explain the periodic headaches and dizzyness...I dunno. I may have to get a MD's opinion on that too just to say I checked it all out.

So, what do you think about the professional back-cracker?


Jeff Brame said...

I believe in them. I like anyone who believes the bodies healing capabilities over highly overdose of prescription medications. The way my chiropractor puts it their there to heal the body, doctors are there to cover the problem with medication. Now of course that doesn't work for every health ailment. Now my back cracker doesn't crack my back but uses a new method called an Activator. It gently pushes the bones back into place, no cracking. You might want to check him out. Norbert Gallagher, in Tulsa of course. said...

I'm love the Chiropractor. I recently got whiplash from a rear end accident. It sucked because a crooked neck = a crooked back = my rib cage didn't want to expand = it was hard to sing and even harder to lead worship.

The back cracker's got me up and going again.