Saturday, April 12, 2008

Facebook...I Caved

I jumped on the Myspace bandwagon a couple years ago and dove deep into the social network scene. I posted glittery text, little looping videos of chubby kids doing the truffle shuffle, and funny pictures of oversized men in speedos for my friend's enjoyment. But as most of you probably know, Myspace soon became over crowded with all kinds of not cool crap!

So, I made the switch to Facebook. This looks cleaner and seems to have some better tools to keep you connected and make it easier to manage your network of friends. This is pretty typical for me. I usually get involved in the thing that goes obsolete. For instance, we used to have a Beta player, Video Disc player, and I once thought about getting a HD DVD player. But one redeeming case of innovation on my part was that I was the first in my high school to wear Cool huh? (totally unsupported statistic)

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