Sunday, April 6, 2008 Internet Campus

Shooting Derrick
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Even though I'm leading worship in Tulsa this weekend...we recorded this set at OKC back in September 2007. So, if you wanna check out the worship set, go to and check out the internet campus. It's amazing what God is doing there!


trey said...

Hey man, I know you probably won't remember this, but that weekend I was in OKC visiting and I met you in the hotel lobby. Then after one of the experiences I stopped you near the stage and asked a few questions. anyway, I said it that day, I'll say it again, you guys rocked! I think I went to 5 different experiences that weekend and you guys were playing at 4 of them... pretty cool.

Just thought I'd say hey. love what you guys are doing.

Derrick Henslee said...

Thanks Trey! It's a lot of fun to travel to another campus and lead. One thing that's cool is that we're trying to get each worship pastor to lead from the Okc campus so that we have the video as a backup for each of our own campuses.

I appreciate the encouragement! Thank you!