Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looky What I Got!

For Father's Day, Ezra (only 16 months mind you) got me an 8GB iPod Nano. So...I had to get an armband and the new Nike+ pedometer thingymabobber. I plan on running tomorrow whilst some lady tells me how far I've run, and how fast I did it in. I'm purdy excited!


Jeff Brame said...

Kids are so hip to technology these days, Im glad to know he knew exactly what his old man wanted. Looks like a buncha fun.

Bryan Clark said...


All I got from my 18-month-old was a tie, Old Spice and a pair of argyle socks.

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, Ezra actually picked the color and told his mama that I'd probably rather have the 8GB instead of the 4GB....he just knows me like that.

Sorry bout the Old Spice Bryan...that's sad....and smelly.

Jennifer said...

Man I gotta get one of those things! I'm a big marathon runner but not very up to date on all the latest do dads.

I'm a member of the Tulsa Campus and helping start a network church in Bville, OK. Needing a worship band. Wondering if you knew anyone in the area who would want to be hired to play for us?? Just thought I'd pick your brain. Thx!

By the way, you're the best worship leader LifeChurch has! We've heard everyone I think--you're the bestest! :) Keep rockin'!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, if you do know anyone, you can respond at or

Thank you