Thursday, July 24, 2008

7,000 Seats Filled With Screaming Women

Last week I went to Ft. Worth, TX for my wife's company's national rally. She has a home business selling Premier Designs Jewelry. I go to the national rally each year as part of the entertainment.

This is a HUGE contrast to my normal week. I go from working in a progressive church setting, to a business setting but with a contemporary church feel. The production level is huge. Every time we go on stage, a team of people mic us up, using tiny wireless headsets and tegaderm adhesive. The production level is crazy huge!

There were two things that grabbed my heart while I was there. We heard from missionaries in over 70 countries who Premier supports. It was awesome to hear what God is doing around the globe and here in the states as well.

Also, every rally, there is a huge patriotic performance. This year, I came out to do a solo to an older song called, "Somebody's Praying You Through." The stage was set up with about 75 men and women who have lost someone in the military or currently have a loved on serving abroad. The narrator talked about honoring those we lost, and their families left behind. I about lost it! I had to pray for God to make me a cold-hearted unemotional butt-hole just to make it through the song! Anyway, here are a few pics of my time last week!


I'm Brook James said...

I still can't believe you were in F-town and didn't even come say hi! Such a loser!

MaryBox said...

Hey, do you have pictures of Phil and Melody Box's skit? (I'm their daughter)