Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Love What I Do...Do You?

Today the band met for our LifeGroup time in the Green Room. One of the things that we discussed was the fact that we get to be an active part of what God does each and every week at the Tulsa campus of This week, 54 people indicated that they were accepting Jesus into their hearts, forever to be changed!

I love being a part of life change. I love it when it's the first eternal step, and when it's just one more step in the salvation process (sanctification.)

So, to have my full-time job be at a place where I love what I do and people get radically changed forever is pretty freakin awesome!

What about you? How is God using you in your job/ministry?


steve said...

He uses me where I am to serve and to do my part contributing to the success of our organization. Do I love what I do? most of the time! Fulfilled? most of the time! Do I sometimes feel called to..... uuuummmm! Oh, but wait I am comfortable! dang, not good and to be honest I don't want to be comfortable! Listening to Him!

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