Monday, May 14, 2007

Henslee Family Trip to Redneck Riviera / Part Un

Louisiana was purchased from the French in 1803. Apart from the other states besides Louisiana that were affected by this purchase...this very well might have been a bad bargain. I think that there definately was a good amount of buyers remorse. Now, I've got friends that live there and one of my favorite bands is from there (Mute Math.) Besides all that, my sweet wife got a ticket late last night in Lake Providence, LA.

This fits in the story during the 8th hour of our treck to Orange Beach, Alabama. We started out fine and dandy. Ezra was a champ. He played with toys in his carrier and fell asleep on schedule. He was sleeping pretty much all night but we did get pulled over. Rach was doing 37 in what she thought was a 35mph zone...whoops, mr fancy pants, blue lights told her it was a 25mph zone. Oh well, we were nice to the pudgy cop and didn't complain. Off we went to the end of this leg of the trip....Orange Beach! More to follow, but here are some pics of the trek!

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