Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Orange Beach....Part Deux!

Sorry, the title was misleading. You probably thought that I was going to bash Louisiana again huh? No, we're firmly planted in Alabama! Yesterday was pretty awesome. Ezra had several firsts. He put his feet in the sand....actually got in the ocean (not on his own...but with mom and dad's help.) He also went swimming for the first time. He did awesome! No crying, no fussing. He did get to take a nap under the umbrella on a towel...salt air breeze, waves crashing...I think it's a good start for a kiddo from Oklahoma! We had a good time at a cool restaurant in Gulf Shores. Lulu's is a loud environment! It was last year's watch party for the Soul Patrol Idol winner Taylor Hicks. Lulu is Jimmy Buffett's sister. (wiki) If you don't know who Buffett is, then I feel sad for you.

Today was less eventful. We got some decorations for his room from Souvenier City, which was full of souveniers...go figure. We tried to go on a beach walk but it rained. Instead we went to the indoor pool...more good times! Who knows what will be in store for the Henslee family tomorrow?

I'm posting a video and some pics of the last couple days...

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