Friday, August 24, 2007

It's a Dirty, Dirty Job...Butt Someone's Gotta!

Okay, so...not the best title to start off with. kiddo is now eating veggies. He's got a good routine of: Nursing, then rice cereal, then veggies. For those of you who don't have kids, this will be a lesson? (I know I put a question mark there.) For those of you who have kids, then you'll laugh at me.

My kid has been doing this funny thing lately. In the middle of whatever he's doing, he'll get a serious look on his face. It's almost like something is worrying him. Then his face turns red, and he makes these terrible grunting noises. This is my new signal that I could replace the guy from Dirty Jobs because I'm about to perform a task not unlike nurses in hospitals. Yep, I get to clean my son's derriere and experience the after-effects of his grunting. I know this is a gross post, but man....I feel like my mansion in heaven gets bigger with every diaper wife's is going to be freakin huge!

'Nuff of that!

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