Friday, August 3, 2007

Meet Fugee

This is a story of my dog Fugee. He came to us a couple of years ago. One day my wife told me that there was a semi with 100 dogs and 200 cats coming in from New Orleans! (This was during the Katrina disaster.) Reluctantly, I went with her to foster a dog. I assured her that there would only be Pitt Bulls and there were a lot of those. However, one dog stood out to me. I had a Rottweiler as a kid and there was a huge Rott in a cage itching to get out. He licked my hand through the cage and we decided to bring him home.

He didn't have a name. They found him wandering the streets. He was emaciated and starved for attention. We decided to name him Fugee because he was a "re-FUGEE." Yeah, clever...our youth pastor came up with that one.

Since then, he has put on the pounds. Topping off around 100lbs. He wants to be everywhere you are. He'll move from room to room when you do. He minds fairly well. I taught him to sit, lay down, fetch, and to shake. He has become a permanent part of our family. Whenever I'm out of town, he sleeps in my spot to make Rachel feel safer. (He's a freakin 100lb Rottweiler!!!) When we brought Ezra home from the hospital, he immediately started protecting him from friends that would come and visit, the vacuum cleaner, and the cats. He gets in between new people and Ezra, and won't let the vacuum cleaner (which he is terrified of) get near him.

The sound in the video is a little off. He doesn't have ESP, the audio is a little behind the video.

So, nothing profound. Nothing spiritual. I just wanted you to meet my dog Fugee!

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anne jackson said...

my cat can take your dog anyday!


hope things are rocking in tulsa!