Monday, September 3, 2007

Tough Situation

After leading worship at our OKC campus this weekend, we (Rach, Ezra, and I) drove home. We prepared for a down evening together but got a phone call from Aaron at work who informed that one of our families at church found their 18 month old face down a swimming pool. CRAP!!! Xander was flown to St. Francis and died shortly after getting there. When I got to the hospital there was other staff members and this family's life group members there.

There really aren't words to describe how someone might feel in that situation. I know that when I got home I went into Ezra's room, bent over his crib and kissed and prayed for him for a long time! I cannot imagine what this family is going through. But, with the staff, and their lifegroup, we'll help them get through as much as we can. Pray for the Cleary's. They will definitely need it.

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