Wednesday, November 7, 2007

That's One Fuzzy Bear

This is obviously a year of firsts for our son Ezra. We have decided to allow our kids to participate in the pagan ritual of dressing up for Halloween, walk around a trusty-worthy neighborhood, knock on doors and ask for candy. *Insert gratuitous prayer for our family decisions. Our friends Todd and Stephenie Craig were nice enough to invite us out with their son who is actually old enough to say, "Trick or Treat." He actually said, "to infinity and beyond!" The thing about this night was that both of our friend's parents were there with them and were active together in their grandson's life.

More than a nice house, or car, or any"thing" else, we found ourselves wishing for Ezra's grandparents to be more cognitive of him and actively pursuing a relationship with him. Until he gets a little older, we may not see much of that! But, until then, we've got great friends who act like family most of the time anyway. We can't wait to begin a legacy that will carry on through with our grandkids someday!

You know me, I like to show you pictures of my's a couple:


The Beckley's said...

Look at you! That's like 4 posts in a row! You're rockin' it. Ezra is a very adorable little teddy bear!

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, I got post happy there for a day or so! Basically I got behind...what do ya do? We really enjoyed dressing him up. Fortunately he really doesn't care what we put him until he knows better, we'll use this as future black-mail potential!

Kyle P. said...

If I had a bear that fuzzy I would make a coat outta him.

Derrick Henslee said...

Brian Fellooooooooooows, SAFARI PLANET!