Saturday, November 10, 2007

You Gotta Eat One....Once In Your Life

Two or three times a year, Rach and I head off to Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO. We share time share points with Rachel's dad and we look for opportunities to go there just to get away. But, we've adopted a certain ritual that isn't that healthy but is flippin tasty! Billy Bob's Dairyland was a local secret that was told to us by a driver at Big Cedar. We found it in Branson and we have to go there on our way back home every time we visit Branson.

One of the things that we love about Big Cedar and Billy Bob's is that the people there do things the way they should be done. When the cook at the restaurant gets our burger order, he opens a small door next to the griddle. In there, he has prepared fresh ground beef, rolled into balls. He takes one out, flattens it on the griddle and begins making the wonderful burger you see in the picture above. I like that. I like that I get a fresh burger, not a frozen patty. I like that this place does things in a way that isn't fast food and is the RIGHT way to do it.

It seems so often that our churches think that the latest and greatest is the only way to do church. However, approaching ministry with a grassroots feel just somehow seems like the right way it should be done. So, when I go to Big Cedar and we get ready to come home, we stop in to Billy Bob's and say hello to the waitress that's always there, order a fantastically old-fashioned burger and happily consume it.......thinking of the 5 miles the next day I'll have to run to get it off!

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