Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Ran HOW FAR?

So my boss Chris let me and Aaron take off of work this past weekend so that we could run the Route 66 Marathon. Over 4,000 people ran in either the Full, Half, or Relay Marathon. Only 1,300 or so actually finished the Half Marathon. Aaron and I were two of them! My goal was to run the 13.1 miles in two and a half hours. Our official time was 2:28:01. I beat my goal by two minutes! The main thing was that I have never really put a physical challenge before myself like this. I've been training since August and feel like I did pretty well....except for the two miles of up hill starting at mile 10! So now, I'm thinking of running the Okc Memorial Marathon in the spring of 08' and doing the full thing. That's a hefty goal! 26.2 miles! Aaaaah!

Here are a couple shots of me and Aaron running, and posing afterwards. Oh and a video my wife took at about 4 miles into it. Both our wives brought our kiddos out and met us at several points during the race to cheer us on....that was awesome! Enjoy...

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