Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why So Sick?

Last Thursday I picked up some sort of runny nose, itchy throat, coughing, sickness thing. I hate being sick. Even though I had the detached medicine head thing going on...I had to plow on through for the weekend. We have 6 experiences (services, for the non Lifechurch goer) that go from 5pm on Saturday night through 6pm on Sunday night.

I really think it was my praying...bags of plain drummer Matthias' nasty Honey-Lemon-Ginseng-Green Tea....lots of water, and my friend Kyle Panter's concoction called "Throat-Coat" that helped me through the weekend! We had over 1,400 people at the Tulsa campus this weekend. It was the first weekend for the 2nd Tulsa campus (South Tulsa) which is located in Bixby. They had over 750 people attending today!

It was overall a great weekend. Hopefully the sick thing will go away soon...I gotta get back to running in the mornings...I NEED it!


Kyle P. said...

So sorry to hear your weren't feeling well, bud. But spanks for the shout out! Glad to hear the "Throat Coat" is working.

Derrick Henslee said...

Dude! Good stuff I just need that nail goo....