Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For The Love Of The Game

Okay, I guess I'll be dropping a name or two in this post. (please excuse me.) Some friends of mine have just released an album that you can get in iTunes (here) or at any place you can buy music. Rob Beckley and Noah Henson go to the Tulsa campus of and are active in lifegroups. Their band Pillar is a well established Christian rock band and are worth a listen if you've never tried em out.

Here are some points if you need convincing:

  • Great music for working out / running / Nascar racing / shootfighting
  • The guitars produce a WALL OF SOUND that might make pieces of your face melt off
  • Arguably one of the best drummers in their out Carter!
  • Noah has cool hair....a white dude with Marley-esque dreds
  • Who doesn't love a bass player named after Superman?
  • Rob is the real deal. Inspiring guy who truly loves to serve his friends and church
  • Because I said so....sorry that's the new parent in me trying it out on you!
So, go check out their new album. Good stuff...


John Blanchard said...

What the heck is shootfighting?

Derrick Henslee said...

You can check out the wiki on shoot fighting. It has a comprehensive definition and explanation. Basically, it's guys knocking each other on the ground and trying to pin them down....all with using various kicks, punches, and groin grabs.

John Blanchard said...

We should probably organize a shootfighting tournament for the next December event.

thattalldude said...

You're totally right dude! I downloaded it this morning, and I've been listening to it all day. It's a balmy 25 degrees out today, so I'm able to roll down the windows and drive around for everyone to hear it! Definitely a must buy album.

Derrick Henslee said...

Hmmm, balmy.....25 must mean Celsius, either that or you live in Iowa and normally it's 25 below! Enjoy the rock! If they come to a location near you, you gotta go see em!