Monday, March 3, 2008

Fruit Flavored Sugary Goodness

See, here's the thing. I grew up with parents that let me eat just about anything (hence the propensity to cram what ever food feels right in my pie-hole.) One of these freedoms that I experienced so often was sugar-cereal. I have 3 or 14 favorites but I often find myself consistently going back to Fruity Pebbles. Yep, they're just dang good!

I guess that we're supposed to out-grow certain childish know the whole, "put away childish things." verse that we read about in the New Testament. I find that I often just can't make the switch to the healthy-adult-cereal-grossness! I mean, who wants all four food groups in their cereal anyway?

Man, this hits home with me in the way that I react in situations. I haven't given up getting mad at the oblivious driver, or making excuses for my bad decisions. I keep seeming to do the childish things, instead of turning those things over to God. I've got to get to the point where I surrender the childish things over to Him. But in the mean time, I'm not giving up on Fruity way, no how.


jody said...

I agree, don't give up on the frutiy pebbles although I prefer Lucky Charms.

It's weird, it's hard to leave behind old haunts.

Jeff Brame said...

Dude, Fruity Pebbles rocks!! I think God purposefully made sure someone figured out how to make Fruity Pebbles, it might be divinely created. Heehee. Okay probably not but you gotta love em anyhow. I did a special on breakfast cereals long ago on my blog, here is the link to it check it out sometime..i guess I cant give up childish cereals either.

steve said... healthy/4 food groups cereal of choice is Cinnamon Toast Crunch...good stuff!...knock down 2 or 3 large, healthy bowls with skim milk...I like!

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, Basic 4 cereal....hmmm, isn't MEAT one of the 4 food groups? I realize they must mean protein from nuts or something, but I like to think they include small pieces of animal flesh in healthy cereals. Helps me say no to them.