Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pillar - Behind The Scenes

My friends Rob and Noah were back at the Tulsa campus this week with their band Pillar. Their new album, "For The Love Of The Game" is doing really well. Matter of fact the title track is being picked up by Major League Baseball.

They were at the campus shooting the video for MLB and I was enlisted to run lights...scary right? Anyway, here's the behind the scenes narrative video by yours truly. (I apologize for the quick, unreadable text.)



Janet said...

Impressive! So this is what you were busy doing this past weekend! Wow! I wish Carri and I would have had time to stop by. We could have helped you with your behind the scenes footage! Looks like you did a GREAT job though. You're too funny! I love this blog!

The Beckley's said...

Derrick I love you!! You're GREAT!!!


chris rogers said...

Nice lighting work man! I thought I was going to see Nance back behind that lighting console.