Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lifechurch.tv Tulsa Worship Confessional #5

Here's the latest thoughts and concerns from yours truly. I'd love to get feedback about what you guys like to know about and what piques your interest!



Jeff Brame said...

Very nice insight in the mind of a worship pastor. Course didn't expect the Phil Collins coming but have to agree Genesis was cool but Phil made a good move going on his own. Since your doing 7 experiences now are you choosing songs that a bit easier on your chords overall? Love to see you do a worship rock set one day...say like Skillet, Red, Firefly and Thousand Foot Crutch.

Derrick Henslee said...

Yeah, the intentionality of the song selection has definitely been upgraded! Mainly trying to go the distance like a marathon instead of a 100 yard dash!

The rock set may happen, but it'd have to be the right songs...maybe with a nice ballad in the middle...can I wear yellow and black spandex?

steve said...

yep, was driving down 71st street with 3 of my kids Monday...one of them said, "look at that guy in front of us, looks like he is talking to himself or to some shrimp in the front seat"..."what in the world is he doing?"..."some people!", they said and just rolled their eyes...one of the others then said, "probably getting ready to pull over and stand there with his sign"...I told them "to straighten up, none of that now"...then lo and behold I see this very informative Confessional and realize it was our Worship Pastor...don't know if I will tell them or not...anyway, enjoyed! btw, will probably look at folks a little more normal now when we see them bouncing around talking, figuring they may be speaking to their boy Mac!

allboutworship said...

that is the funniest Shift I've ever seen.