Monday, September 1, 2008

Fugee The Displaced Rottie

Hurricane Gustav has brought about memories of three years ago when Katrina devastated New Orleans. About that time the Humane Society of Tulsa brought up about 100 dogs and 50 cats for people to foster until they could be returned to their owners in New Orleans.

Rachel called me at church and begged that we go and get a dog. I was reluctant thinking that there would only be pitt bulls and emotionally scarred dogs. When we got there this was pretty much the case. I did however find one crate with a very excited Rottweiler. I had a Rottie when I was a kid and loved him! Contrary to their bad rap, they are wonderful kid-friendly dogs. In every dog book you'll find them described as a great family dog that has young kids. This was definitely true when I was a kid.

We brought Fugee home (Fugee is short for Refugee) and no one claimed him. He was found wandering the streets, emaciated and scared. When we got him he weighed around 70lbs and we could see his ribs. We loved him and fed him he weighs a healthy 100lbs and loves Ezra. Although he can get a bit rambunctious and knock our toddler over, he is a great jungle gym for him and a wonderful family pet!

Here's some pics of our Hurricane Katrina dog Fugee:


Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled, this dog is vicious, mean, and aggressive. It once chased me through a building before biting me so hard it broke the skin. I nearly bled to death.

Jeff Brame said...

Thats an awesome story Derrick. Fugee looks very happy in his new home. Thanks for sharing.

Derrick Henslee said...

Todd Roy (I mean Anonymous) you antagonized my poor dog and got the pinch that was coming to you! Thanks for reading the blog though...didn't know you checked up on me like that!

Jeff - thanks...he's a great dog...never bit anyone but Todd.

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