Saturday, September 27, 2008

Marc Broussard at Tulsa!

Ok, so it's not really Marc Broussard but I would possibly like to cover most of his stuff. If you've not heard of Marc, go ahead and set aside $50 and download his entire catalog. He's flipping amazing!

Someone captured this song that we did this week at church and so I'm re-posting it for you to see. FYI, we do a secular cover song at the beginning of each experience at the Tulsa campus. This is a very intentional move that has proved to be a very useful tool for people to invite others. It has also been a great tool to break down walls that an unchurched person may have about church not being relevant, or that we lack the capacity to recognize where they are.

The cool thing about this is that we get to acknowledge that the world asks great questions through the medium of music, and we're recognizing those questions and offering the greatest answer through Jesus.

Another effect these songs have is that we've re-trained our culture at the Tulsa campus. Several other campuses at do a "walk-in" song like we do and we've noticed that in a very consumerist culture, people actually arrive early and each experience is almost 80% full (est) by the end of this first song. Other campuses that don't do these songs often notice a large portion of attenders stroll in all the way through worship.

Okay, so enough of my's the video.

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